Celebrating the Life of our CEO and Friend

Tracy L. Taliaferro

October 24, 1962 – April 18, 2020

Crater Community Hospice is celebrating the life of our beloved CEO and friend, Tracy L. Taliaferro. Tracy was involved with Crater Community Hospice for many years, serving on our Board of Directors since 2001 and as Board Chair twice prior to moving into the role of Chief Executive Officer in 2017. He was highly respected, and much loved by our hospice staff and throughout our community.

Tracy was a licensed Attorney at Law who focused on elder law. He completed his undergraduate at Virginia State University and received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Richmond. He was very dedicated to our community and actively served with several community and civic organizations.

Tracy was also qualified by the Virginia Supreme Court as a Guardian ad litem for children and incapacitated adults, working primarily in the area of elder abuse and worked tirelessly with children who had suffered abuse, to empower them and give them hope. He was passionate about helping others and making a difference in our community.

He was also a man of strong faith and thanked God every day for the gift of new life that he was given almost twenty-four years ago through a liver transplant. He often said, “two people gave their lives for me, one who died for me on the Cross and the other who gave me a new liver.”

Tracy touched many lives and truly made a difference in the lives of others; he will be remembered by all of us at Crater Community Hospice as our CEO, as a leader in the community and as a dear friend.