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Being Mortal – Thursday, October 5, 2017 at HCAVA John Randolph Medical Center

If you thought you were dying, what would matter most? Join a national dialogue taking place in your community concerning an inescapable reality of life: death.

Grief & Bereavement Support

At CCH, we support the patient’s family as well as the patient. From running errands, providing respite care for their loved one, emotional support, or helping them through the grief, bereavement and mourning process.

Grief is the normal process of reacting to loss. Grief can be experienced during a physical loss (like the death of a loved one), or a social or symbolic loss (like divorce or the loss of a job). When a loved one has a serious illness, often grief is experienced throughout the illness. The family may grieve the loss of the patient’s health, independence, and their diminished ability to participate in the life of the family. Grief can be felt physically and mentally and often feels like an emotional “roller coaster.”

Bereavement is the period following the loss of a loved one where grief is experienced and mourning occurs. Everyone responds to the bereavement period differently, depending upon their relationship with the patient.

Mourning is the process in which people adapt to a loss. There are also social and cultural customs that can affect how one experiences the mourning process.

If you have a friend who is experiencing the grief, bereavement or mourning process you can support them by:

  • Just being with them and being patient when there is silence between you
  • Listening in an accepting way and being open to their feelings (even if they are not the same feeling you are experiencing such as anger)
  • Encourage the person in mourning to talk about the deceased, don’t be afraid to mention the deceased’s name.
  • Accept that tears are normal and healthy.

Crater Community Hospice offers several bereavement support groups throughout Chesterfield, Petersburg and Crater Health District. If you or a friend are experiencing grief, bereavement or mourning, we encourage you to seek out a support group. Many people find it helpful just knowing that they are not alone and that other people have experienced the same physical and emotional feelings they are going through.

Call Patti Cox, Hospice Bereavement Counselor at (804) 526-4300 for more information on support groups and resources available through Crater Community Hospice. CLICK HERE for the 2015 Fall Support Group Schedule.

by Brenda Mitchell,MSN,RN,APHN-BC,CHPN,CHPA
      Executive Director

Holiday Grief Support Groups

Crater Community Hospice Holiday Grief Support Groups

Join us to gain support from others who are in a similar situation and discover coping mechanisms and rituals of remembrance that will help you and your family through the upcoming Holiday Season. Click here for more details.




Adult Grief Support Group – Chester

Are you or someone you know grieving the loss of a loved one? Join us on Tuesday mornings September 2nd – October 7th from 10:30 to 12:00 noon at Bermuda Hundred United Methodist Church to gain support from others who are in a similar situation. You will discover coping mechanisms that will help you and your family through the unpredictable journey of grief. Free of charge and open to the community. Space is limited, advance registration is required. For more information go to Adult Grief Support Group.

Presented by Crater Community Hospice & J.T. Morriss & Son