Bereavement Support

Quote 5Crater Community Hospice offers Bereavement Support Groups and Programs throughout the year at various locations within our service areas. Our Bereavement services are free of charge and open to the general public; you need not have received hospice services from us to participate. Bereavement care is also made available to the staff members of Long Term Care Facilities who deliver care to the patients we mutually serve. See our events page for the latest schedule.

Community Support Groups
These groups offer opportunities for bereaved persons to explore their grief while sharing with others who are experiencing similar losses. The six-week group programs offer support for those coping with loss. The groups are free and open to the public. The group focuses on self-reflection and emotional responses to loss. The goal is to help participants process grieving and begin healing.

CCH Hospice Families
Our Bereavement Counselor works with hospice families, offering a variety of resources for bereavement care and support, for up to 13 months following the loss of their loved one. Through telephone contact and the provision of specialized newsletters containing helpful information and insight from experts in the field of grief and bereavement issues, grieving family members receive needed solace and support.

CCH Library
Our library is a resource for patients and families we serve seeking information about caregiving, spiritual support, hospice care, bereavement, and other end of life issues. Available resources include books, pamphlets, videos, and a computer with internet access. The library is located at the CCH business address at 3916 South Crater Road, Petersburg, and is open during business hours, Monday through Friday. Our goal is to provide information to support you regardless of what questions you may have. We welcome your ideas of how we may better serve you and invite your suggestions for materials you feel would be beneficial to those we serve.

For more information contact Patti Cox, Hospice Bereavement Counselor, at (804)526-4300.

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